Hello and welcome to the article on what power-ups are and how to use them in the asphalt nitro. In this article, we will guide you through the whole cycle of what are power-ups in asphalt nitro, and how to gain and use them. In this article, we also gave some tips and tricks that the players can use to enhance their gameplay and take it to the next level of heights. So, without wasting any single second of yours, let us delve into the world of asphalt nitro mod apk to discover more about powers ups in the game.

power-ups in asphalt nitro


As the name suggests, power-ups in asphalt nitro are used to give your cars some special powers in the game. These power-ups are of different types and give your car various types of power-ups in the asphalt nitro. These power-ups help the players to enhance their gameplay and to win hard-challenge races very easily. 

Types of power-ups

There are different types of power-ups in asphalt nitro. All of them are listed below:

Nitro boosts

The three types of nitro boosts power-ups that are available to the players in asphalt nitro are given below:

Basic Nitro

It is a power-up that gets activated by tapping the screen once. It provides a standard boost to the cars in the game.

Basic nitro in asphalt nitro

Perfect NItro

It is an advanced and special type of nitro that is available to the players in the game and becomes very handy in winning the races. It gets activated when the players touch the screen two times successively in a given period. It provides a strong and efficient boost to the cars of the players.

perfect nitro in asphalt nitro

Triple Nitro

It is the most powerful form of nitro in the game, it is activated when the players tap the screen three times in the game. It gives a strong boost to the cars in the game. One drawback of using triple nitro in the game is that it uses too much nitro tank, which results in the rapid emptiness of the nitro bar. 

Time extensions

It is a type of power-up in asphalt nitro, which gives the players some additional time extension in the game. Some of the modes in asphalt nitro are time-sensitive, such as knockdown and Elimination. Picking up the time extension in these modes of the game provides the players with some additional amount of time, which they can utilize to make sure they win the races in those modes of the games.

Extra Nitro

The game gives the players some chunks of nitro, which are scattered on maps in different locations, and by picking up those, players earn some chunks of nitro, which they can use to fill their nitro bar to win races in the game easily.

Repair kits

In modes where the condition of your car impacts your performance and the excitement of your gameplay in the game, these kits help to prevent it and restore your vehicle to the optimal condition so that you can easily progress in the game.


There are three types of boosters in asphalt nitro, which can be purchased or can be earned by the events in the game. These are as follows:

Speed Booster

It is a type of booster in the game which temporarily increases the speed of the vehicles in the game. This booster is very helpful at the start of the races in asphalt nitro.

Handling Booster:

It is a type of booster in the game which increases the handling of the cars in the game. This type of booster is very helpful on the sharp, edgy tracks in the game.

Acceleration Booster

It is a type of booster in the game which increases the acceleration feature of the cars in the game. Whether the races in the game are tough or easy, these types of boosters always become handy while playing the game.

How to gain power-ups in asphalt nitro?

There are multiple sources through which the players in the game can earn power-ups in the games. Some of the sources through which the players can earn them are as follows:

  • In-game Purchases
  • In races power-ups
  • Pre-start races power-ups
  • By using game in-game currency

  How to use power-ups in the game

Power-ups in asphalt nitro are a great way to enhance your thrill and excitement in the game. But before using them mindlessly, there are some clever and youthful ways that we would like to share with you so that you can maximize your gameplay the way you want. Let’s dive right in without any further delay.

Understanding Power-ups

Understanding power-ups in the game is crucial and the key to knowing how to use them effectively. By understanding these different kinds of power-ups, the players can get a better idea of what these different types of power-ups are and how to stack them to maximize their use.

Strategic use of power-ups

The strategic use of power-ups is essential for the players so that they can win the races easily in the game. If someone is already in the 1st position, then there is no need to apply nitro. It will just go to waste. Similarly, if there is no need for power-ups then they should not be wasted by using them mindlessly.

By using asphalt nitro mod apk

It is the super-normal approach that a person can take to enjoy unlimited power-ups and other such features in asphalt nitro. By using the asphalt nitro unlimited money mod apk, a person can get unlimited money and credits through which he can enjoy unlimited power-ups in the game. In this way, he does not have to be careful about the use of the power-ups in the game.


Power-ups in Asphalt nitro significantly enhance the gameplay by providing various advantages and boosts. These powerups include different nitro boosts like perfect run, perfect nitro boosts, triple nitro, etc. Players can easily get these power-ups during the race and buy power-ups with the help of the game’s currency. Moreover, the right use of power-ups can be helpful for you in critical moments. So with the help of this knowledgeable article about power-ups start your racing journey with ease.


Power-ups in asphalt nitro are special powers that the players can use to maximize their thrill and gameplay in asphalt nitro.

There are various types of power-ups in asphalt nitro. The list of them is given below :

  • Repair kits
  • Boosters
  • Nitro boosts
  • Time extensions
  • Extra Nitro 

Yes, the players get unlimited powers in the asphalt nitro mod apk, also known as the asphalt nitro mod apk all cars are unlocked.