Have you ever encountered those annoying ads in the game that constantly interrupt the excitement and joy of playing the game? Do not worry. In this article, we are going to discuss some critical aspects through which you can avoid those annoying ads and maximize the utility of playing the game. So, let us delve into it without wasting any time.



In this article, we will explain how to deal with in-game advertisements in Asphalt Nitro. But before that, we would like to briefly explain to you what ads are and why they occur in Asphalt Nitro. Then, we will guide you through the late process that you can use to deal with them in the game.

What are ads and why do they occur in asphalt nitro?

Ads are a crucial part of free gaming, which allows gamers to play games for free while they make the developers’ income when people interact with the ads or click on them. Although most of the game, including asphalt nitro, has ads still, they can be easily avoided by some simple and effective methods.

As asphalt nitro is also free of cost, that is why annoying ads appear. But, do not worry because we are about to discuss some practical steps that can help you avoid them.

By upgrading to the premium version 

If you are someone who is looking to annihilate the ads from the game, then the first and the most general approach that you can take is to upgrade to the premium version of the game so that you can completely get rid of the annoying ads in the game. Moreover, upgrading to the premium version also gives you some benefits, like free tokens, credits, and power-ups.

By Playing offline

The most effective way through which you can minimize the impact that annoying ads have on your gaming experience is by turning off your internet so that those ads do not pop up whenever you are playing the game. As most of the games display ads via the internet, turning them off will help you enhance your gameplay. Keep in mind that if you follow this approach, then most of the facilities related to the online features of the game, such as multiplayer, challenges with friends, etc., will not work.

By disabling data specifically for asphalt nitro 

Another similar approach to turning data off to play a game peacefully is specifically terminating the use of data for asphalt nitro. In this way, you can still enjoy your game while your background apps consume data and deliver critical mobile notifications like messaging or social media.

Steps to disable data for asphalt nitro 

  • For Android, go to settings, navigate to apps, then asphalt nitro, then to its data usage, and toggle the “background data” and “mobile data” to turn off the usage of data by asphalt nitro.
  • For iOS, go to settings, then to cellular, scroll down until you find asphalt nitro, and turn off “Disable data.”

By using airplane mode 

Another way to deal with ads in Asphalt Nitro is to use airplane mode. This mode will terminate your connection to the internet, which will help you get rid of the ads in the game.

This is just a quick reminder that if you follow this approach, you can not receive calls or messages while playing the game.

how to toggle airplane mode for asphalt nitro

BY Watching ads for rewards

Most of the game’s ads provide benefits like free power-ups and credits. So, if you want to progress faster in the game, you can watch these ads to earn rewards that can help you achieve your objective.

Watch ads to earn rewards in asphalt nitro

By muting or lowering the volume 

Many ads in the game contain a high frequency of volume, which can be annoying when you are trying to enjoy the game peacefully. If this occurs to you, you can just lower the volume or just can mute it so that it does not affect your pleasure while playing the game.

By providing feedback to the developers 

The game developers often value the player’s feedback and try to mitigate the game according to the users’ feedback. If you are one of the people in this category, you can report the issues related to ads to the Gameloft Se. If you notice that the ads in the game are more than usual, then you can provide this feedback to the game developers. To do so, look for the settings to provide input in the game or visit their website to report the relevant issues to them.

By installing the mod apk of the game 

If you want to eradicate the ads from the game, then the most suitable way of doing that is by using the asphalt nitro mod apk or, in other words, the asphalt nitro mod apk all cars unlocked. By doing so, first, you can eliminate all the ads from the game, and second, you will have all the premium benefits for free in the game. So what are you waiting for? Just hit asphalt nitro mod apk all cars unlocked to download it.


This article concluded with instructions on how to deal with advertisements for asphalt nitro. The article provided the users with a compact guide on what ads are and how to deal with them. In this article, we also have discussed many tips and tricks and shared some tested techniques through which you can deal with ads in the game. We also have provided the link for the asphalt nitro mod apk if you are looking to completely get rid of the ads in the game with some extra benefits such as all cars unlocked in the asphalt nitro mod apk all cars unlocked.
We have personally tested all of the methods mentioned above in the article, so we can say that they are 100 % secure.


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