Welcome to the ultimate comparison between two of the most renowned and downloaded games on the Play Store: Asphalt Nitro and the need for speed. In this article, you will find a detailed comparison between the two games, their history, and their pros and cons. This article is a guide for anyone looking to pay keen attention to the details of each game to find out which one suits him so that he can download it and play it without difficulty.

We have prepared this guide so that anyone, whether a professional or a seasonal gamer, can easily distinguish between the two and choose whatever suits him the best. This guide was made to help people pick the best for themselves without wasting their precious time. Let’s head to the main aspects of the article.



This article compares the games Asphalt Nitro and the Need for Speed™ No Limits. Both games are developed by companies based in different parts of the world. A detailed comparison between the two games is given below:


The history of both games is fascinating, and it is impressive how they performed so well in their careers. The details of it are given below:

Asphalt nitro

Gameloft Se made Asphalt Nitro Mod APK, also part of the Asphalt series. This game was a spin-off and was released in May 2015. The game has 500M + on the Play Store and is very popular in the Asphalt series and the gaming industry. The developers of this game and its origin: The game was developed by Gameloft Se, originally from Paris, and is a video game publisher based in France. Ubisoft co-founder Michel Guillemot founded it in December 1999.

Need for Speed™ No Limits

This game was developed by ELECTRONIC ARTS, one of the world’s most popular game development companies, and it has published many games in different genres and sports. They released this game on September 30, 2015. The excellence of this game career can estimated in this way. The game has 100M+ plus downloads on the Play Store.

Let’s talk about more information on the game. Originally from America, this game developer company was ELECTRONIC ARTS in Redwood City in Northern California.

Games Graphics

In this part of the article, we will discuss each game’s graphics and try to figure out the best among them. So, let us get right into it without wasting more than a second.

Asphalt nitro

The graphics of asphalt nitro are very soothing and gives the users a delite experience while playing the game. The game’s graphics are designed in 3D and are so unique that they will excite you throughout your game journey. They are so beautiful and unique that it is hard to compel that this game even exists in real life and is available in small MB in size. Moreover, a person can not estimate the time spent playing this game because of its beautiful and charming graphics. The delicate graphics, coupled with insane gameplay, are a treat for gamers worldwide. We must accept that developing such amazing graphics with a game of this size is challenging, but its developers did a great job achieving it.

graphics of asphalt nitro

Need for Speed™ No Limits

The graphics of the game Need for Speed™ No Limits are designed to be realistic and holistic. They are created in 3D so the user can enjoy the thrill. They are realistic because when a car collides with another vehicle or with sharp edges on the edges of the road, it generates sparks that resemble real-life collisions of objects. It is a spectacular scene to watch. Overall, the game graphics are realistic. It is hard to imagine that this game is 1 GB in size.

Graphics of NEED FOR SPEED™ No Limits


It is tough to give this crucial point to either of the games because both provide the best of the world to gamers worldwide. Although it is tough to distinguish which is superior in graphics, we can still tell the difference between them. If someone wants a lightweight racing game with decent graphics for a low-end phone, consider downloading the Asphalt Nitro. If someone has a high-end specification phone and does not care about the amount of space a game occupies in the phone and wants the best graphics in a racing game, they should opt for Need for Speed™ No Limits.

Games controls

Next is one of the main aspects that distinguish between the superiority and inferiority between the two games, and that is the game controls. Here is the comparison between the controls of the two games:

Asphalt nitro

The controls of the game Asphalt Nitro are simple and easy to understand. There are three presets of controls from which the players can choose. The default one is the tilt screen, which allows the players to tilt their screen to move their cars without thinking about the car’s acceleration. The device handles the tilt controls automatically so the car can speed on the track. The players can apply break by tapping on the left of their screen and can activate the nitro by tapping to the right on the screen. There is another one in which players have to manually accelerate their vehicle by tapping the icon, and they can tilt the car just by tilting their device.

Need for Speed™ No Limits

 Although the controls of Need for Speed™ No Limits are similar to those of Asphalt Nitro, there is still a massive gap between the two. The controls of this game are not that great compared with the other match, Asphalt Nitro. The presets of the controls are the same, but the controls of this game are nothing compared to those of Asphalt Nitro.


Now let us compare the features of both games to find out which gives users more facilities and facilitates them in achieving satisfaction in an error-free way.

Asphalt nitro

Asphalt Nitro has features and facilities such as multiple tracks, multiple modes, advanced customization, and a diverse set of cars and their upgrade system. Each feature of the game is uniquely designed and integrated so that every feature has its setting, which makes it very easy for new players to start playing the game. Also, the combined separations of these features make the game one of the few rare gems.

features of Asphalt nitro

Need for Speed™ No Limits

The Need for Speed™ No Limits is also equipped with so many unique features, but the catch in these, or should I say that a mess that is the features’ complexity, makes it very hard for beginners to catch a grip on the game.

features of NEED FOR SPEED™ No Limits


Although both games have thrilling and mind-blowing features, we give this point to Asphalt Nitro because of its ease of play and separation of concerns.


The difference in popularity between the two games can be determined easily by looking at their trends and ratings in Google Trends and the Google Play Store. The following is a comparison of the two games’ popularity.

Asphalt nitro

Asphalt Nitro is a well-known game that is very popular among gamers because it is a part of the Asphalt series. The game has 100M+ downloads on the Play Store, with a remarkable rating of 4.4 stars. As far as the trend of the game is concerned, there is a drawback to the trend of asphalt nitro, as stated by Google, but many people still love and like to play asphalt nitro.

Need for Speed™ No Limits

On the other hand, we have the game Need for Speed™ No Limits. This game also has 100M+ downloads, an astonishing 4.4 rating, and almost 5.20 million reviews. According to Google, the game’s trend is pretty similar to that of Asphalt Nitro, but Need for Speed™ No Limits has an edge of some inches.


Although both games are competing very well at this point, it is still apparent that in terms of popularity and trends, Need for Speed™ No Limits is a clear winner.

Overall user experience

Now, for the final comparison, we will compare the overall user experience of both games to find out which game gives the user a more soothing and error-free user experience so that you can pick the right fit for you.

Asphalt nitro

The user experience of the game Asphalt Nitro is very similar to that of other games in the Asphalt series and has one of the best user experiences a person can find in the game. The game’s small size and optimization are done so well that it works on 6-year-old devices like HTC Mobiles. Moreover, the game is designed so that its simple controls provide a fantastic experience, which is crucial if the companies want people to play their games.

Need for Speed™ No Limits

Although Need for Speed™ No Limits’s graphics are realistic and better than Asphalt Nitro’s, this game has an awful user experience. This is because all settings are jammed in just one place. So many features are integrated into just one screen, which gets messed up pretty quickly. Moreover, the complexity of the features makes it very tedious for new players to understand the game. 


The overall gaming experience of both games is fascinating. Both have mesmerizing graphics that attract users throughout the game. But there are some areas in which Asphalt Nitro is superior to Need for Speed™ No Limits, which are simple, easy to understand, and easy to navigate. The point goes to Asphalt Nitro in the overall game experience. That is our perspective. If you like complex games with amazing graphics and facilities, please point to Need for Speed™ No Limits.


As a gamer, I spent countless hours playing both games mentioned in the article. I like both of the games in different ways. If I want a realistic race competition with thrilling graphics, I will go for Need for Speed™ No Limits, as this game’s graphics are superior to Asphalt Nitro. But I will undoubtedly pick Asphalt Nitro as my companion if I have a low-end device, as most budget gamers have.


In the article, we compare the two games to determine which is superior so that users can pick the right one. We have discussed everything in detail so that the users can easily understand the pros and cons of each game and can easily navigate between them. Moreover, we also provided a review section in which we provide a personalized review of both games without any biases or preconceived notions.


Need for Speed™ provides more realistic graphics than Asphalt Nitro and gives the user a more appealing and immersive visual experience throughout the game’s journey.

The control schemes of both of the games are pretty similar to one and the other but in terms of their simplicity Asphalt Nitro has an edge over the Need for Speed™ No Limits

Because of its amazing graphics the Asphalt Nitro provides a smoother user experience to the players worldwide.

The size of Asphalt nitro is 51MB.

The size of Need for Speed™ No Limits is 1.3GB.