Finally, the delay and the anxiousness are over because the latest update on asphalt nitro is here. Let’s dissect this update of Asphalt Nitro Mod APK and gain some valuable insights that will help you progress fast in the game. We also have noticed some funny moments that we will discuss in this article. We have prepared this guide for people who are looking for the latest information and updates on asphalt nitro. So, scroll down and keep reading this informative article so that you can know more about the fantastic update of asphalt nitro and its hilarious moments.

Asphalt nitro new update and funny moments

What is new in the new update?

The update we are talking about is 1.7.9.a, which was rolled out on January 21, 2024. The new update includes a vast number of features, but in this article, we are going to discuss a few of them. So, without wasting any second of your time, the Following is the list of features that were added to the latest update of Asphalt Nitro.

Air Time and Flat Spins

One of the cool features introduced by Gameloft Se in the recent update was Air Time and Flat Spins. With the help of Air Time and Flat Spins, you can now keep your car spinning in the air for up to 2.5 to 3.5 seconds, which is crazy to have in the game, which is just 51 MB. Also, In recent updates of the asphalt nitro, now with the help of ramps and spins, you can spin your car up to an average of 7 to 10 times easily in the air. Flying your vehicles in the air also gives you nitro chunks, which you can use to fill up the nitro bar and get that extra fantastic thrill.

Enjoy Increased Air time in the new updates

Crazy top speeds of up to 566 km/h

The feature that I loved the most in the recent update of Asphalt Nitro is the new top speed of cars, which can now extend to 566 km/h when the vehicles are on nitro, depending on which car you choose to drive on the track. I love to play the recent Asphalt Nitro mod app, in which I drive and enjoy my beloved vehicle, Koenigsegg One:1, which gives me that fantastic top speed of 566 km/h in the game.

All Bugs Fixed

We all know that nothing is error-free in this world, and humans’ creations always contain some degree of error in them. We also know that if there is an error or glitch in something, it should be cured and prevented. That is why, in the recent update, Gameloft has improved the game to provide an exceptional, error-free experience for the players. You must check other games of the developers such as Asphalt 8 or you can also check our detailed article; Asphalt Nitro vs Asphalt 8 and give us your valuable opinion about these games.

Flat Spin Problem Fixed

The previous issues of cars not landing correctly, cars stopping at 0 km /h after being landed by performing a flat spin, and cars landing in the wrong directions were solved in the recent update of Asphalt Nitro. Now, after the recent update, the players can enjoy themselves and their cars in the bright sky while performing flat spin without any hurdle.

Enjoy because the flat spin problem is solved

Funny Moments in the Latest Version of Asphalt Nitro

Below is the list of the funny moments of the latest asphalt nitro:

Opposite Moving Cars while racing

In the recent updates of Asphalt Nitro, there are other cars in races moving in the opposite direction of the track, which makes the game quite funny and thrilling. The players have to avoid colliding with these cars, or their vehicles will get wrecked.


With the recent updates, you can even slow down your car speed just in an instant by pressing the brake for a long time. This feature allows you to make your car go as low as 0 km/h, which is quite funny.


After playing the game with the latest update, my review is quite fascinating and puzzling. The updates, like the opposite moving cars with dead breaks on the tracks, are fun and very useful when utilized. Also, fixing all the bugs and flat spin problems is quite remarkable.
What bothers me about the new updates is the thrill that I used to have in the previous updates. That same thrill is missing in the latest updates, and one of the main reasons why this is happening is because of the limitations that Gameloft Se has put on the vehicles.


Overall, while summarizing the article, Gameloft Se gives an exceptional update to the players. The update is fantastic, unique, and very fun to play. Also, preventing bugs and making the game error-free for the players is a tremendous treat from the Gameloft Se to the players.


The most recent update of the Asphalt Nitro is 1.7.9.a. This update contains many things and has solved all of the previous bugs.

Yes, this game update solves all of the previous bugs, such as the flat spins problems.

Yes, the recent updates on the mod apk of asphalt nitro are available on our site. Check this article to find out more about the asphalt nitro mod apk.