Due to the thrills and competitiveness, racing games are one of the most popular categories of games worldwide. Also, numerous racing games are available on the Play Store, which confuses the players on which game to choose. Because of this, it is tough to find thrilling racing games.

But worry not, because, in this article, we will explore Asphalt Nitro mod APK 2024. Developed by Gameloft Se for Android, Windows, and iOS, this game has amazing features and is incredibly fun to play.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasonal pro in gaming, this game is a perfect fit for everyone. So, let us get right into the world of Asphalt Nitro Mod APK.


Asphalt nitro mod apk


Asphalt Nitro is a mobile game where players accelerate their vehicles on various tracks to win races. The players get to drive real-life cars on tracks to elevate their gameplay. It is best known for its controls and graphics, as they give a realistic effect to the game, which is hard to find in other games. 
Unlocking all cars in the game while avoiding ads is a tough job; that is why we came up with the Asphalt Nitro mod APK. It is a free modified game version and offers unlimited tokens and credits. It is also free from the annoying ads which occur in the game.


To install the mod APK of asphalt nitro, follow the steps given below:

  • You need to allow unknown resources from the device settings to download the game.
  • To do this, head to your mobile settings and allow it.
  • Now, come back to the site. 
  • Click the download button. 
  • It will start the process. 
  • Within a few seconds, the download will be completed. 
  • Go to the file manager and look for the APK file you downloaded. 
  • Tap it to complete the installation process. 
  • Launch the game once it is done.


Want to know how to update the game? Just follow the steps given below to update it on your device.

  • Whenever new updates come, you might feel the game is lagging.
  • On this, return to our website if you have already downloaded the game.
  • Now, come back to the site. 
  • Download the new version of the game.
  • Open the mod APK of the game.
  • Now, you can see the screen will display the download button. 
  • Click it and allow the apps from the unknown apps. 
  • Once complete, your pre-existing game will be updated to the latest version.


Now that we’ve covered the introduction to the Asphalt Nitro mod APK, let’s explore its exciting modded features in detail.


In this, players can access unlimited tokens and credits, enabling them to unlock all cars and other items. It allows players to enjoy the game to the fullest without having concerns about tokens and credits. The players can achieve the following in the game:

  • Unlock premium and exotic cars.
  • Upgrade cars in the game.
  • Now, come back to the site. 
  • Customize vehicles in the game.
  • Skip waiting times.

Asphalt nitro mod apk all cars unlocked 2024

With asphalt nitro unlimited money, the players can unlock all the fastest and most expensive cars in the game. They can unlock supercars like Koenigsegg One:1, Koenigsegg Agera R, Bugatti Chiron, and Ferrari FXX Evoluzione, etc.

Free Shopping

Because of unlimited credits and tokens, the asphalt nitro mod APK enables the players to do free shopping in the game. Whether they want exclusive cars in the game like Ferrari 458 Italia Mercedes-Benz Biome, Ferrari Laferrari, or Mclaren P1, or they want to purchase unlimited cards and power-ups in the game.

Due to the free shopping, the players can also unbox unlimited card boxes. This way, they can get exclusive upgrade cards for free.

Unlimited power-ups

With asphalt nitro mod APK, players get unlimited power-ups in the game. By having unlimited power-ups, players can have a significant advantage in the game. By using these power-ups, players can increase their car’s speed, shield them against edgy corners of tracks, and extend the air time of their vehicles. Some of the game’s power-ups include Nitro starter, Absolute armor, Double credits, extra tanks, tuning kit, etc.

Ads-free gaming

We all hate useless ads when we play and enjoy games. However, in the game’s original version, you have to deal with frequent ad interruptions that you cannot block. However, through the Mod version of the game, players can avoid such inconveniences and have the best gaming experience. Now, you can enjoy the ads-free buggy racing experience in a virtual gaming world.

Unlimited boxes

By using unlimited tokens in the mod APK, players can get an infinite amount of card boxes. They can purchase them to get different types of boosts and cards, which are required for the car upgrade.

asphalt nitro mod apk unlimited boxes


The asphalt nitro mod APK improved the graphics of the game. In the mod APK, the colors and pixels are further improved, giving players an enhanced experience of the game. Overall, the visuals and textures are further modified in the mod version of the game.


Because of unlimited credits, the mod APK lets you customize your cars for free. Now, players do not have to worry about the credits to customize their vehicles. So now, you can customize your cars with various upgrades like changing colors, modifying them, etc., while having a performance boost on them.


In the Asphalt Nitro mod APK, players do not have to spend real money to purchase items. It is because all the items and features are already unlocked in the game’s mod APK.


Unfortunately, we have some bad news for iOS users. They can not install the asphalt nitro mod APK on their iOS devices such as iPhones, iPads, iMacs, or Macbooks. It is simply because of the strict nature of the iOS operating system. It strictly restricts the use of unknown apps on Apple devices. But the good news is, they can still find the normal version of asphalt nitro in the Apple store.


To have the experience of asphalt nitro mod APK on PC, you will have to do the following steps :

  • First, Download an emulator to run the game.
  • Look for “BLuestacks” or any other emulator of choice.
  • Install and open it.
  • Now search for “Asphalt Nitro mod APK” on Chrome
  • From the results, download the game.
  • Now, the game will soon be ready on your emulator.


After we finish the basic introduction of the game, let us discuss its features.

Multiple Tracks

Inspired by different locations around the globe, this game is packed with multiple tracks. The players can choose from a diverse set of them. From big cities to Sahara deserts, this game has everything for everyone. Some game tracks include China, China Reverse, Nevada, Nevada Reverse, Water Barrier, Sleeping Swings, etc.

These curvy tracks are designed to give players an immersive gaming experience. Each curve in the track is designed to be addictive and challenging. They also give players a thrilling and mesmerizing effect for which they return repeatedly.

asphalt nitro multiple tracks

Beautiful scenery 

This game is packed with beautiful track scenery, from gorgeous flowers and trees to mesmerizing farms on both sides of the tracks. Players see stunning visuals and vegetation when they race through the tracks.

Brazil and China are the tracks with the most beautiful asphalt nitro scenery. These tracks in the game are rich in scenery, and I can assure you that you will love to play in these tracks because of their beautiful scenery.

asphalt nitro beautiful scenery

Highly compressed game

Most people view Asphalt Nitro as a gigantic game, just like Asphalt 8, but to their surprise, this game is just 51 MB. Despite its small size, the game offers amazing features, which is why it has over 100 million downloads on the Play Store and a rating of 4+ stars.

Nitro Boost

In Asphalt nitro, players can give powerful boosts to their cars by nitro boosts. Using Nitro boosts, players can get a competitive edge over other players and even outpace them to win races. They can collect nitro boosts while driving cars across the tracks. Moreover, they can use nitro bars to collect nitro and refill it, ultimately turning the tables for them.

Intuitive controls

Asphalt Nitro features intuitive controls, which players can master to conquer the game. The game’s controls let the player make minimal effort to enjoy the game.

asphalt nitro intuitive controls

Charming graphics

Asphalt Nitro’s graphics are designed in 3d graphics and are a real example of hard work and expert craftsmanship. The game’s graphics intrigue people into playing this game more and more. It is one of the main reasons why this game is loved by gamers worldwide.

Moreover, the developers injected realistic physics into the game. For example, when cars collide with each other or hit a roadside, they show realistic destructing graphics, symbolizing that it got into a serious collision.

Amazing Sounds

Besides being one of the best in its category, the game is also known for its stunning and amazing sounds. Ranging from car sounds to the wrecking of a vehicle, every action in the game produces its sound. The sounds in the game are realistic and soulful and give a pleasurable touch to the game. Also, tricks like barrel roll and flat spin have their sounds in the game, and they always elevate the players’ gameplay to the next level. 

New Challenges

Asphalt nitro introduces new challenges to its players. It introduces them to certain challenges they have to do to unlock new horizons in the game. Also, when completing these missions or challenges, players unlock achievements that they can showcase to other players. These challenges include :

asphalt nitro race challenges

Multiple achievements

Asphalt Nitro provides players with multiple achievements to test their skills. The players can try to complete achievements in the game to spice up their gaming experience to the next level. Some of the achievements are listed below:

New car smell

Players start the game with the old DP Cooper, and when they unlock a new car besides Cooper, they unlock the achievement New Car Smell.

S is for superior.

When the players unlock all cars from the S category of vehicles, then players are titled with the achievement S for superior.

Asphalt Grandmaster

Asphalt nitro gives players stars at the end of each race. It indicates how well they performed in a single race. When they achieve 550 stars, which means at least one star in every race, players reach the Asphalt Grandmaster, which means nobody can beat them in the game.

Licensed cars

The developers of the game used various types of licensed cars. The game has every kind of car for the player’s needs, from slow vehicles to fast ones. These cars are divided into four categories: class A, B, C, D, and S. Players can find exotic vehicles in these categories, and they can enjoy them in Asphalt nitro.

Nitro Bar and Boost

In Asphalt nitro, players can give powerful boosts to their cars by nitro boosts. Using Nitro boosts, players can get a competitive edge over other players and even outpace them to win races. They can collect nitro boosts while driving cars across the tracks. Moreover, they can use nitro bars to collect nitro and refill it, ultimately turning the tables for them.

Multiplayer mode and multiple lapses

Asphalt Nitro also features a multiplayer mode with multiple lapses for its players. In this mode, By using social links like Facebook, Players can play with other players worldwide with numerous lapses in a single race. Lapses are rounds in a single game, which the players must complete to win a race.

Multiple modes

The game features two main modes for players, and in these modes, there are further modes that the players can enjoy. Whether the players want to enjoy the game alone or with other players, they can do all of it. Some of the modes asphalt nitro provides the players with are :

  • Catch mode
  • Versus mode 
  • Elimination mode
  • Knockdown mode 
  • Gate Drift mode
  • Escape mode
  • Career mode

Car Upgrade System

Asphalt nitro lets the players upgrade their cars to unleash their true abilities. In the game, this feature allows users to upgrade every part of their cars, such as the car’s wheels, engines,  and brakes. And nitro. By doing it, Players can win races in a matter of no time.

Advance customization

Along with the car upgrading system, this game provides a superficial feature that lets you do advanced customization on vehicles in the game. Whether you like a black Audi or a lime Lamborghini, you can get it through advanced customization in asphalt nitro. 

In the advanced customization of the game, players can color their cars according to their preferences. Whether someone has a taste in a pitched black Audi car or a shiny lime green Lamborghini, this game has everyone covered.


As you all know, the main aim of providing the Mod version is to enhance the gamer’s gaming experience with exciting Modified features. Below is the list of the advantages and disadvantages of using the Mod version over the original version:


  • Unlimited credits
  • Infinite token
  • All the premium features are unlocked
  • Ads-free
  • All cars unlocked
  • free Shopping


  • Sometimes becomes unstable
  • Crashes a lot
  • risk of ban
  • Additional files issues
  • Not optimized
  • Hard to install


As a passionate gamer who loves to play racing games in his free time, I will say asphalt nitro is one of the best in this category. The game features amazing graphics and controls that I loved the most. Moreover, with unlimited credits and tokens, asphalt nitro mod APK unlimited money gave me all the thrill I had been looking for for a long period.


Asphalt Nitro mod APK is one of the best games in its category, which offers multiple enriched features to players. From unlimited tokens and credits to free cars and improved graphics, this version of the game covers every need of the players. While having access to unlimited money, players can unlock every car in the game. Moreover, it welcomes the players to an ad-free environment, which prevents the disruption of their gaming experience.


It is the modified version of the Asphalt Nitro game. This mod version provides unlimited resources such as unlimited money, unlimited power-ups, free shopping, etc.

The size of the mod app for the game is 51 MB.

Yes, the Mod APK is safe and secure and personally tested.

Yes, it is the latest version of the game’s mod app.

You can obtain infinite money by using the mod version of Asphalt Nitro. There is also an option of taking assistance from unofficial coin generators but it might harm your data.